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Best Jewelry for Work to Look Flawless in the Office or on Zoom

In the modern professional landscape, where the lines between office chic and home comfort blur, it's becoming harder and harder to find the perfect work ensemble. Both the traditional office and the virtual workspace demand a presentation that's polished yet personal (yes, even if you're secretly wearing sweatpants at your Zoom meeting!).

Jewelry, often considered the finishing touch to any outfit, can be a powerful tool in your professional wardrobe. A curated selection of accessories for work have the unique ability to elevate an ensemble, ensuring you shine with confidence in any setting.

In this blog post, we explore go-to jewelry pieces that are suited for the office and remote work alike, aiming to inspire a balance between professional appeal and personal style. Discover how a well-balanced selection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings can transform your work attire from the expected to the exceptional. 

Accessories for Important Meetings or Interviews

Whether you're trying to close a sales deal or land the job of your dreams, you'll want to make a positive first impression and radiate confidence. A perfectly tailored outfit as well as the right accessories for work can give you that extra boost.

Gold-filled styles are warm and inviting while saying “I've got this.” One of our favorite styles for your most important work moments is the Heavy Paperclip Chain, which is truly the rock star of all chains. The feminine and rounded links have both substance and presence. Even if you choose to wear just one piece of jewelry for the day, this chain can be your showstopper. You can also adjust where you link the clasp to make it the perfect length for whatever look you choose.

In addition to gold-filled jewelry, pearls are always appropriate for work! You simply can't go wrong with a pearl strand, either as a necklace or around your wrist. The Pearl Stretch Bracelet is an affordable accessory for work that actually looks like a million bucks. Each freshwater pearl is unique in shape and has a distinct personality.

We can't think of anything more perfect for a power meeting than our Mother of Pearl Clover Studs, which would look amazing with a sleek pony or low bun hairstyle to showcase the hint of shine. A great piece to wear during the day, it will also transition into after-work Happy Hours and beyond. And if you need an extra dose of good luck for your meeting or interview, the four-left clover motif is your perfect talisman!

Jewelry for Casual Friday or a More Laid-Back Workplace Environment

Laid-back jewelry for a casual workplace envirnment

Casual Friday in the office, as well as the increasingly popular laid-back workplace environments, present a unique opportunity to blend comfort with style, merging professional life with personal expression. In settings where denim and softer silhouettes replace the stringent lines of business attire, jewelry becomes pivotal in elevating your casual ensemble into a work- appropriate outfit. 

In this case, you'll want to layer and stack to your heart's content! Ready-to-layer necklaces have an air of effortless elegance that complements both the jeans-centric Casual Friday and the everyday casualness of more relaxed work settings.

A standout in our layering necklaces is the Mini Paperclip Chain, which is the ultimate layering piece for your jewelry box. You think you work hard? This mini paperclip chain works ever harder. Available in 16", 18", and 20" lengths, this chain adds a touch of class and texture to any outfit and works as a foundation for all your other layering necklaces. 

Another great option is the Monogram Medallion Necklace, which was originally worn by Canada's very own tennis champion Bianca Andreescu! If she can work it on the court, then you can rock it in the office. This piece is designed to harmonize with your casual work attire, offering a touch of refinement that speaks volumes of your meticulous attention to detail. 

Let these pieces be your daily allies, affirming that true style doesn't shout — it whispers with confidence, “I am effortlessly composed,” regardless of the day of the week or the nature of your workplace.

Jewelry for Zoom Meetings

Jewelry for work, in the office or on zoom (casual workplace)

If you work remotely, then you'll want to wear jewelry from the neck up. No one even has to know you're wearing sweatpants or leggings; they'll just be super focused on your sleek hoop earrings! We offer a number of different hoop styles, including the Aurora Hoops with semi-precious beads, the top-rated Lara Hoops, and the best-selling European Hoop Earrings.

Not feeling earrings that day? Build your necklace layers, which will sparkle and shine on camera. Some layering favorites include the Fancy Herringbone Chain, which adds an elevated and sophisticated look to any outfit, or the Disk Necklace for a more delicate look.

Do you prefer “speaking with your hands”, as they say? If you're someone who likes to gesture while you speak, then some sleek rings can definitely add to your charisma. Our curb chain ring is a work wardrobe staple, and the best part is that it's available in three different sizes: thin, medium, and thick.

Just remember that too much jewelry can appear distracting on camera, so aim for a perfect balance without feeling like you have to pile on the sparkle. In addition, if you're wearing a heavy bracelet stack, the sound of the metal hitting your desk, keyboard, or other surface may be unwelcome background noise. Sometimes less is more when it comes to making a positive impression on a virtual meeting.

It's clear that professional jewelry for work does more than just complement our outfits. Our favorite accessories serve as an extension of our personality, a bridge between personal expression and professionalism. When you're navigating how to style yourself for either the physical office space or the digital meeting room, you can't ignore the fact that jewelry can help you present yourself with both confidence and authenticity. 

At Olaeda, we invite you to explore and experiment with your jewelry choices, finding those perfect pieces that resonate with your sense of style and amplify your presence, wherever your career may lead. Enhance your work wardrobe with accessories that speak to who you are, empowering you to make every day an occasion to shine.


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