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Marvel at the Sparkle of Diamond-Like Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Diamonds may be forever, but who said they have to be the only way to shine? Let’s face it, not everyone wants to spend a small fortune on a piece of jewelry you’ll wear on only a few occasions. That’s why Cubic Zirconia (CZ) shines brighter than any other gem as a diamond alternative.

This clear crystal offers the sparkle of a diamond without breaking the bank. Keep reading to explore the beauty of cubic zirconia jewelry.

What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is a lab-grown crystal made from zirconium dioxide. Apart from looking just like a diamond, it also shines for its hardness, ranking 8-8.5 on the Mohs scale. This means it’s not only beautiful but also very durable, resilient enough for everyday wear.

We are talking about an ideal gemstone for rings, bracelets, and pretty much any type of jewelry you wear casually or for work.

Because Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is a synthetic gemstone, not mined from the earth, it's much more affordable than mined gemstones. Additionally, being a lab-grown crystal has a few other implications:

  • CZ crystals are an ethical choice if you are concerned about the origins of your jewelry.
  • CZ also has a lower environmental footprint compared to traditional gemstone mining.
  • Cubic zirconia stones are consistently flawless, free of inclusions and color variations.

6 Ways to Look Expensive With Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

#1 Choose Classic Cuts

To emulate the classic diamond look, opt for traditional cuts. Some of the most “diamond-like” are the round, princess, and cushion cuts. A well-cut CZ stone will catch the light beautifully, mimicking the brilliance of a real diamond.
Cubic Zirconia Jewelry - Rose Cut Stud Earrings 

These flawless round cut cubic zirconia studs by Olaeda, paved with smaller crystals, are staples. Design to elevate your ear party.

#2 Go for Quality Settings

The setting of your CZ jewelry can make a huge difference. Choose sterling silver, gold-plated, or solid gold settings to elevate the overall appearance. A quality setting paired with a sparkling CZ stone is a recipe for a luxurious look.
Cubic Zirconia Jewelry - Oval CZ Crystals in Elegant Tennis Bracelet 

This elegant tennis bracelet, embellished with glittering, oval-shaped cubic zirconia stones by Olaeda, is a great addition to any jewelry collection.

#3 Less is More

When it comes to looking expensive, simplicity is key. A single, stunning CZ pendant or a pair of elegant stud earrings can make a bold statement. Avoid over-accessorizing; let each piece stand out on its own merit. 
Cubic Zirconia Jewelry - Delicate Threaders Long Chain Earrings 

These delicate cubic zirconia threaders by Oleada are unique and simple, perfect for complementing any casual look.

#4 Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix CZ jewelry with genuine pieces. Wearing a CZ ring alongside a real gold bracelet can create a seamless blend of luxury and practicality. The key is to wear each piece with confidence.
Cubic Zirconia Jewelry - Rose Gold and CZ Crystal Bracelet plus Diamond Engagement Ring 

The Ashley bracelet combines the cubic zirconia stones in various shapes and sizes with high-quality rose or yellow gold. A bride-to-be favorite at Olaeda.

#5 Pay Attention to Detail

Inspect the craftsmanship of the CZ jewelry. Fine details, such as intricate settings or unique designs, can give off an artisanal vibe that says  "luxury".
Cubic Zirconia Jewelry - Intricate Drop Earrings 

Classy princess drop earrings by Oleada, exhibiting multiple cubic zirconia cuts and intricate design.

#6 Keep it Clean and Sparkling

Maintain the shine of your CZ by cleaning it regularly. A clean CZ stone will continue to sparkle like a true diamond, keeping your look upscale and polished.

How to Maintain Your CZ Jewelry

  • Regular Cleaning: Cubic zirconia can gather dirt and oils, which may dull its shine. You want to clean your jewelry regularly using a soft brush and hot soapy water. Gently scrub and rinse in warm water, then pat dry with a clean cloth to restore its natural brilliance.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Protect your cubic zirconia crystals from lotions, hairsprays, makeup, and cleaning agents, as these can leave a residue. You might also want to remove your jewelry during activities like gardening or cleaning to prevent exposure to potentially damaging substances.
  • Gentle Handling: Handle your cubic zirconia jewelry with care to avoid scratches and damage. Moreover, be sure to store it well, each piece should be saved separately in a soft pouch or lined jewelry box.
  • Quality Settings: Jewelry settings made from high-quality metals like gold or sterling silver can be cleaned with standard jewelry cleaners. However, for plated finishes, stick to soap and water and avoid abrasive polishes.
  • Professional Maintenance: For a thorough cleaning or to check the settings, consider visiting a professional jeweler. They can ensure that your cubic zirconia is securely set and free from any buildup that home cleaning might miss.

Elevating Your Style, the Smart Way

Cubic zirconia is more than a diamond alternative. It's a smart choice to elevate your style free of budget restrictions and without sacrificing the sparkle. Whether you're updating your capsule jewelry collection, or you're searching for a showstopping accessory or the perfect gift, we've got you covered…

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